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Couture House of the Designer Dog Bed Duvet

Lilo and Lou began when interior designer Stephanie Veltri and her husband came home to find that their Pug Frank (nicknamed Lou) had destroyed the beloved dog bed of their Brussels Griffon Taz (nicknamed Lilo) There was dog bed stuffing all over the office! Stephanie felt bad getting rid of Lilo's favorite dog bed. She realized then how many dog beds must go into landfills instead of being recycled. Stephanie decided to keep the damaged dog bed but had a difficult time finding a dog bed cover for it that she liked. The dog bed covers and pet beds available on the market did not match the decor of her home. She then sat down at her drafting table and designed a cover for "Lilo's" old dog bed. The designer dog bed duvet was fabricated immediately and adored by both Lilo and Lou!

Stephanie realized that having a stylish, custom-looking dog duvet could really add to the home! The dog bed was no longer an unattractive item that took up space, but it became a stylish piece of furniture for her posh pets. Even better-she was able to save the old dog bed at the same time! Stephanie decided to make her designs come to life so others could share in her haute hound couture designer dog bed duvet designs!

While brainstorming packaging ideas for her designer dog bed duvets, Stephanie decided to give her line something extra special! "Lilo" and "Lou" had a small pillow they love to share on one of their dog beds. She thought it would be fabulous to design a pillow sham for the pampered pooch. "We have pillows, so why shouldn't our dogs! They are definitely treated as equals in our household." The design was finalized and that with every designer dog bed duvet purchased it would be tucked inside a matching dog pillow sham.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lilo and Lou Opens For Business!

We are so excited that our new line of designer dog bed duvets are in.  They are absolutely gorgeous, and we are so excited to share them with you!  Check them out on our secure site at!

Here we are featuring our fabric pattern Casa Chewmani!  We love the gorgeous brown lattice pattern against a lovely sky blue background.

Each designer dog bed duvet comes tucked inside a free pillow sham that you can fill yourself with soft, recycled materials!

Our waterproof padding pouch is perfect for filling with recycled materials to make your own doggy mattress!

It's easy to create a fabulous, designer lounge space for your furry friend with our luxury pet linens from Lilo and Lou!

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